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Roxanne Negri Gunther

Roxanne Gunther has been a professional fiduciary since 2006.  Roxanne gained her license in 2011 and has been serving individuals and families ever since. Prior professional designations include mother, pastors wife, and teacher.  Her passion has always been to serve populations that are at risk or in need of advocacy.


Roxanne's motivation as a professional fiduciary is to protect the rights and best interests of her clients.  This includes assisting clients in transitions, administering estates, making healthcare decisions, and being a neutral party to advocate for the care of a family's loved one.


Roxanne comes from a very large sibling set of 17 children. This type of upbringing has equipped her to understand many points of view. This is helpful in dealing with difficult circumstances that include family members along with legal, medical, and financial professionals.


Roxanne's main priority is to keep her client's needs and well-being at the forefront of her practice. In her time as a professional fiduciary, she has used her passion for helping others to guide her clients through difficult situations and her integrity to protect, manage and grow their assets. Roxanne has spoken at various conferences on topics such as administrating special needs trusts and ensuring that a client's money is well-invested.



Professional Credentials

  • Professional License #503 Professional Fiduciary Bureau, State of California.

  • Fiduciary Management Certificate Program

  • Professional Fiduciary Association of California

  • B.A. Spanish from University of California Santa Barbara

  • Serving as Trustee, Estate Administrator, and Conservator since 2006

  • Speaker at PFAC 2018 on Investment Standards and Rules


Community Affiliations

  • La Providencia Guild Children's Hospital LA

  • Kiwanis International

  • A Light of Hope


Deborah Gunther


Professional Credentials

  • Professional License #1160 Professional Fiduciary Bureau, State of California.

  • Certified Guardian via Center for Guardianship Certification

  • Professional Fiduciary Association of California

  • B.A. Psychology from Cal State University Northridge

  • Trustee and Administrator since 2020

  • Case Manager with Gunther & Associates for 7 years


Deborah has served her community as a fiduciary since 2020. She works as a trustee for special needs trusts, private trusts, conservator of person and estate, and case manager. Deborah has experience navigating the world of Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits, Social Security, and regional center -  even getting Medicare Part D penalties waived for a client. She has worked in the office of Gunther & Associates since 2015. 

Deborah's favorite part of her job is interacting with her clients and the vendors she works with to ensure their care.


On a more personal note, Deborah is a graduate of Cal State University Northridge, earning a B.A. in Psychology. She especially enjoyed her time studying abroad in Spain during college and still retains a love for travel. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, thrifting, and spending time with family and friends.

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